Pac-Man AI Competition

We are excited to announce that we are hosting our first ever competition!

Your challenge is to create 2 best performing Pacman agents, which will go head-to-head against other submissions in a best of 3 Capture The Flag! To enter, read the guidelines below and submit your competition file. Submissions by the top 3 contestants will be awarded prizes!

Good luck!

Submissions are now open! The competition will end on midnight, 24th April 2024. With results being announced on codenight the day after.


Download the guide below! In the guide you will find information on:

  • Creating your Pacman agents.
  • Submitting your agents.
  • Extra resources.

We will be supporting Python 3.11 with PyTorch 2.2. We highly recommend using Conda environments to manage your dependencies.

If you require any additional packages, please let us know in the discord under #pacman-competition.

You can submit once per hour. New submissions will override your previous submission. The leaderboard will be hidden on the last day of the competition, although, it will not be frozen so submit with caution!


Upon submission, your student ID will be publicly visible on our website and used for processing your submitted zip archive. Your university email address and student ID will be used for verification of your student status, and contacting you upon being eligible for a prize or if there are any issues with your submission. Files will be deleted within 7 days of the competition finishing. To be eligible for a prize you must be a member of the Warwick Artificial Intelligence society, be in the top 3 submissions on the leaderboard, and not be disqualified. Malicious entires will cause in your disqualification. By submitting you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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